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Name: NAKANO, Makoto
Affiliation: Faculty of Education and Welfare Science, Oita University
Date of Birth: 19xx.3.4
Place of Birth: Neyagawa city, Osaka, Japan
TEL/FAX: +81-975-54-7572(TEL/FAX) +81-975-54-7514(FAX)
Field of Research: Astronomy, Star Forming Region
Asteroid: 10546 Nakanomakoto (1992 FS1)


Astronomical Society of Japan
Astronomical Society of Pacific
American Astronomical Society
International Astronomical Union
Japan Association for Information Processing in Astronomy
Society for Teaching and Popularization of Astronomy (Japanese)
Save the Dark Night Sky

Research Interests:

Observational study of the interaction between pre-main sequence
stars and interstellar medium
HII regions, Supernova remnants, and Star formation
Information processing in astronomy, teaching of astronomy etc.
Recent Publications
Our catalog of emission-line stars in Orion

If you are interested in ... (Sorry, all of them are in Japanese)

Faculty of Education and Welfare Science

Astro Lab.in Oita University (Japanese)
Indonesia (Japanese)
Australia (Japanese)
The Nine Planets by B. Arnett (last updated: 1996 Nov. 16)

Japanese version is here.